Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Learning to Love Bayesian Statistics

At Strata NYC 2015, O'Reilly Media's data science conference, I gave a talk called "Learning to Love Bayesian Statistics".  The video is available now:

The sound quality is not great, and the clicker to advance the slides was a little wonky, but other than that, it went pretty well.

Here are the slides, if you want to follow along at home.

I borrowed illustrations from The Phantom Tollbooth, in a way I think it consistent with fair use.  I think they work remarkably well.

Thanks to the folks at Strata for inviting me to present, and for allowing me to make the video freely available.  It's actually the first video I have posted on YouTube.  I'm a late adopter.


  1. Hi Allen,

    Please make the slides downloadable. Thanks.

    1. Wish I could! But as far as I can tell, I can't let you download them without also giving you the ability to edit my version. If someone has a way around this (apparent) limitation of Google Docs, please let me know.